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Carol Adolph
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La Quinta, Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Santa Monica, Malibu, San Diego, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente

With 25 years East and West coast design experience allow me to share concepts on decorating a new home, redecorating, or staging, from creation to application to completion.

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CLUTTER  robs you of your time and peace of mind.

Identify clutter hot spots like kitchens, home offices, night tables, magazines and newspapers on the living room floor.

Purge and purge often. Think of the last time you used stuff, the condition and often duplication. Get rid of it. There is really no point in owning anything unless you use it.
But show off the beauty of keepsakes and take care of them.

Space out the project and deal with it a little at a time.
15 minutes a day will make your life easier and your home tidier. Please put your used utensils in the dishwasher right away. Deal with your mail. File away paid bills and letters. Recycle junk then and there. Regularly sort your closet of clothing to determine what you can give away to a good cause.

Your home will be organized and cleaning much easier.

As an interior designer I can assist you with space layout, tips, ideas, furnishings to help organize your home

Updated Website

Analysts predict, by 2020 and before, 70% of all retail purchases will be transmitted on the Internet – on line.

Mobile devices will dominate.

To support this trend, GOOGLE has upgraded the search algorithm for their ranking criteria. As of April 24, 2015 only  MOBILE FRIENDLY websites will be ranked.

We have amended and improved our website It is now mobile friendly. Please take a look.

Just a “mobile friendly” reminder:  The greatest compliment is an introduction to your friends.

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021_DUBAI   DUBAI is known for it’s intricately crafted architecture and interior design. The tower is not only beautiful – but it constantly moves. It comes from built in wind turbines that create energy! In time there will be enough energy to power the tower itself and some buildings around it.

Each floor has 59 units that rotate at around 6 meter per minute. The view is constantly shifting. An interior designer’s dream. I had to share it with you.

High Shine in Interior Design

Deep colors, like this high gloss blue, can add a moody atmosphere. The idea of using high gloss paint did not appear out of the blue. Over the past, reflective shiny walls have appeared in a variety of elegant interior design settings.




Carol Adolph, my wife, is modest about her interior design accomplishments. A recent testimonial – among many – from a client clearly relates how Carol works:
“I found Carol Adolph of Duende Design on Houzz. I am new to the area and needed assistance  furnishing an entire house. I needed someone with experience, confidence and the ability to take control of the project, while still considering our design style and our budget. She assured me that she possessed all these skills and proved herself every day over the six or more months that we worked together. She respected our opinion, yet prevented us from going awry, when necessary. Carol managed the project efficiently and ensured a timely completion date. She also has an outstanding group of sub-contractors that do exceptional work.
Carol was supportive and calming and an absolute pleasure to work with. She pulled together a beautifully decorated house that is warm and inviting and feels like our home. We could not be happier and are so happy that we found her.”
For privacy the name is anonymous.


New Website

Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinity, integration, passion

With pride we are introducing our new website:

We shall value your opinion. Thank you.

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Neutral Colors

top neutral colors

The new trend on the interior design horizon? – Stylish new shades of neutral. The new neutrals are bright and go with any style décor. Neutral colors are livable, flexible, classic.

Creative Fabric

Henry Matisse was a textile obsessed painter. He was a weaver’s grandson in northeastern France. Henry was exposed to brilliantly colored silks before he became one of the 20th century greatest painters. His textile inspired works have, in turn, motivated fabric designers.

In his later years Matisse narrowed the boundaries between interior design and art. In a Billy Baldwin designed room the seating fabric mirrors the framed brush-and-ink Matisse hanging on the wall.

Creative interior design is so inspiring and rewarding

“The highest compliment is an introduction to your friends.”Matisse

Vintage Phones

Nostalgia means the good old days. Remember ‘ring-a-ding, ring-a-ding’. Are you the person to whom I am speaking?” –  Live was much less complicated. Gadgets were made to last. The telephone rings were reassuring. The chatting was civilized, no on- the -go texting. Real people answered the telephone, not machines. There was time to prepare your thoughts while rotary dialing.

Well, those times are gone – but we can still buy and use a rotary phone in different shapes and living Technicolor. They add classy memories as accessories to any interior décor. They  delight the owner. Guests admire them and, tvintage phoneshe phone anchors the room and suggests permanence” states Jim Walrod, Interior Design Consultant from New York City. (Available at Phoneco, Inc. 608-82-4124 and others) Can you hear me now?

Tom Schneider Co. u.k.

Tom SchneiderIn the hands of a creative artisan wood can be skillfully shaped to display the beauty and unique harmony of its grain as it flows with the purpose of interior design.

Tom Schneider is a master in this art as the few examples demonstrate; beautiful and unusual………a pleasure to share with you.TmSchneider UKSneider Dining Room