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With 25 years East and West coast design experience allow me to share concepts on decorating a new home, redecorating, or staging, from creation to application to completion.

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The Power of RED

RED is the color that most attracts attention. It is associated with visibility, proximity, dynamics and activity. It is packed full of energy and excitement.
People who in the past shied away from this color now tend to be more adventurous, feeling bolder in their decorating.
The key to success when decorating with a statement color is to select a few key places to let it shine. It is easy to go too far with red. Start by using this powerful color sparingly. Provide balance with light colored neutrals. Add a piece of furniture. It does not take much to get big results.
If your favorite artwork contains red , it will get noticed as will red accent accessories.
Red pillows are an easy way to introduce a new color in the mix on your sofa, bed and even porch furniture. Try some red table linens. The color is known to enhance taste in the adventure of eating.
Leather arm chair red Red-GroupEnlarged red paint roller

GREEN around the world

vivid blue greenGREEN carries a positive meaning in most cultures:
Western: Lucky, spring, new birth, regeneration
Eastern: New life, regeneration and hope, fertility
India: Hope, new beginning, virtue
Japan: Eternal life, youthfulness, freshness
Egypt: Hope, spring
Middle East: Strength, fertility, luck
Saudi Arabia: Wealth, prestige
The many shades of green remind us of the perfection of nature, inside where we live and outside.

Design Styles

For a clearer definition of design styles here are some guidelines:

Eclectic – Different colors, patterns, furniture styles and textures to create a cohesive look.

Cottage – A casual, inviting, perhaps rustic environment and the use of re purposed items.

Mediterranean – Bold textures and colors create a one-of-a-kind look. Hand painted furniture and a fancy chandelier can reflect the regions culture.

Romantic – Soft hues and delicate fabrics. Silhouette pillows and white draperies reflect the the feminine touch.

Contemporary – Sleek furniture, solid colors, chic furnishings.

Asian - A warm color palette, nature inspired furniture, Japanese Shoji screens, all to create a srene feel.

Modern - Minimal design, minimal furnishings – clear and with a purpose.

Old World – A luxurious, regal look. Wooden ceiling beams, intricate scones, textured walls.

It will be priveledge to assist you when realizing your style preferenc.

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The things you love are reminders, personalized and warm.

In a separate room or a portion of it, surround yourself with the things you cherish. Give them center stage. The home must reflect who you are. The rest will fall into place.freshhome tips


Golf Almanac – Duende Design

The Coachella Valley from La Quinta to Palm Springs, SoCal is blessed year around with sunshine, palm trees, flowers, majestic mountains and over 100 golf courses. It is a golfer’s paradise. People from from all over the United States, Canada and many parts of the world, love it, spend a vacation, buy a second home or enjoy here their golden years.

the excellent GOLF ALMANAC is distributed free for a year to all members of a select group of golf/country clubs.

attached is the full page Duende Design, Inc. advertisement. The actual pamphlet also illustrates a cover page banner.

if you like to know more please contact us.

Duende Design Golf Ad

Easter 2013

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.
Mahatma Gandhi
Happy Easter and fun decorating with friends and family.

The Emotion of Color

Emerald Green is the color anointed for 2013 in design and fashion.

There is a science how colors influence the way we think, feel and behave. Life,  success, creativity, reduced anxiety and lessened mental fatigue are some of the connectionsgreen bedroom the brain makes with the color Green….and it signals “naturalness”.

The colors we live with need to be chosen deliberatly for aesthetic and emotional impact




Design For The Birds

Color inspires. It is a basic element of design and so it is in nature. In the world of our feathered friends, the harmony, the joy, the humor of nature’s palette is breathtaking. Take a minute to marvel at the YouTube presentation and smile. When you decorate, use color freely.

We tried, but the direct link is no longer available. But it is worth going to YouTube and then “Bird Fashion Show”, to enjoy the Slidemqdefault Presentation and the music.

A sample picture is attached



Too Many Islands

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